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ATMOSPHERE Designs, Builds, and Operates complete connectivity solutions.


ATMOSPHERE designs systems and services that meet aircraft operators needs. Original systems designs may include hardware, networking and application software, as well as service data contents such as weather or aeronautical information.


ATMOSPHERE development team creates complete system solutions, assembling hardware, software and data contents. Rigourous development and validation process are followed to deliver reliable solutions.


ATMOSPHERE provides applications hosting and satellite airtime for H24 service. ATMOSPHERE teams provide reactive support to maintain a high quality of service grade, and handle unexpected situations you may face in real life. Users satisfaction is a key corporate value.


ATMOSPHERE provides connectivity systems and services for the aviation industry. Optimise your flight missions efficiency through real-time exchanges. Get up-to-date information to take better decisions.
Based on satellite communication, ATMOSPHERE services are available in-flight anywhere in the world.


Meet with our experts in networks, aeronautics applications or weather science to exchange on your mission's specific requirements.
Extensive know-how in satellite communications, networking and application software, integration of third party data such as weather or aeronautical information, enables our expert team to efficiently answer versatile custom needs.


ATMOSPHERE provides after sales customer's services including training, documentation, maintenance and system operation support.
ATMOSPHERE may also assist you in setting-up your own operational infrastructure.


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We operate within a rich Ecosystem that includes industry leaders, major research institutions, meteorological institutes, academia, SMEs, financial actors and professional associations.