EUREC4A/ATOMIC Mission in progress on Barbados island

From mid-January 2020, the EUREC4A/ATOMIC Field Study has been in progress on Barbados island, in Caribbean sea. This project is called EUREC4A -the World Climate Research Programme's Grand Science Challenge on Clouds, Circulation and Climate Sensitivity - for European Institutions and ATOMIC - Atlantic Tradewind Ocean Atmosphere Mesoscale Interaction Campaign - for American institutions. More than 30 institutions from 11 different countries collaborate together for this international climatological mission.

ATMOSPHERE supports EUREC4A/ATOMIC mission with PLANET solution (flight management system and Satellite Communication terminals). Through the web PLANET platform, the participants share their tracking (4 aircraft from DLR, SAFIRE, BAS and NoAA), 4 ships, UAV (Boreal), saildrones, cloudkites, satellites...), telemetry data, weather data and Geomarker indications ; the PLANET system also allows all stakeholders to chat with each other, from the ground as well as between airborne crew.

The whole ATMOSPHERE team continues to support this campaign until mid February.



4 Aircraft, 2 Ships, 1 UAV, 1 Saildrone and 2 Wave gliders on PLANET

With Satellite weather layer

With Geomarker indications