First real-time IAGOS transmissions via RTTU

The IAGOS (In-service Aircraft for a Global Observing System) project aims at using in service commercial aircraft to collect and transmit air quality information with IAGOS instruments.

ATMOSPHERE has been part of this project by developing the RTTU (Real-Time Transmission Unit) which provides operational capacity for real-time transmission, via satellite link, of the collected data to weather services on ground. (link : IAGOS RTTU)

The final integration of the RTTU on the target aircraft (a Lufthansa A340) has been performed early February this year, together with the support of Sabena Technics (in charge of the STC for the unit) and Lufthansa Technik. Functional and EMI tests have been run successfully to ensure the end-to-end operation of the system.

The RTTU developed by ATMOSPHERE interconnects the data processing unit (Package 1) with the standard satellite communication system (Satcom Data Unit) of the aircraft. Thus, data can be transmitted in-flight thanks to a satcom link to a data server of E-ADAS. They can then be downloaded in real time over the WMO Global Telecommunication System (WIS) by any Meteorological Service.

The first commercial flight with the active RTTU has been operated on May 19th 2017 with the successful transmission to E-ADAS of both the ascent and descent weather profiles, compiled with measurements performed by the Package 1.

The system will be further operated under the responsibility of IAGOS AISBL. It is expected to further equip additional aircraft from "IAGOS" fleet in a near future.

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Picture: RTTU developed by ATMOSPHERE