PLATIN Project kicked off.

ATMOSPHERE kicked off PLATIN project on May 2019. This R&D project aims to expand PLANET services, which have been operated since 2012. PLANET solution is now operational on several aircraft in Flight Test and Scientific communities. This includes airplanes ATR42, Falcon20, Cessna Caravan, Gulfstream G550, Boeing 757, Airbus A340, A350, A321, Beluga XL, as well as helicopters, balloons and UAVs.

Under the European Space Agency’s ARTES Competitiveness & Growth programme, ATMOSPHERE is now leveraging the solution to provide enhanced services, exploiting new satellite constellations opportunities.

Within the PLATIN (PLAneT services on Iridium Next) project, ATMOSPHERE improves the PLANET service and develops a new miniaturized satellite connectivity terminal. With a design target of 300g, the PLATIN terminal can be easily installed on almost any aircraft, rotorcraft, UAV or balloon. It will provide worldwide connectivity capability, including support of bulk telemetry, images and videos transmission, thus increasing the portfolio of applications which can benefit from ATMOSPHERE’s support. We are looking forward to announce the conclusion of this project, and the availability of the new services in 2020 !