NAWDEX mission: PLANET on European research aircraft

Our PLANET solution can benefit multiple users involved in special flight operations, such as research institutions participating in field campaigns.

The NAWDEX campaign (North Atlantic Waveguide and Downstream Impact Experiment) took place from September 19th to October 16th 2016. Based in Iceland, it involved major research aircraft in Europe and aimed at exploring jet streams to improve the accuracy of weather forecasting in a long run.

PLANET was on board the German HALO and the SAFIRE Falcon 20 and provided them with real-time features, among:

  • Flight following and guidance

  • Collaborative services: chat, file transfer, geomarkers

  • Weather and aeronautical information

  • Telemetry: transmission of scientific measurements from the aircraft to the ground

Watch this short video to see how the two research aircraft coordinated their operations in real-time, using PLANET:

Learn more about the NAWDEX mission on:

NAWDEX webpage

HALO webpage