Iridium Certus arrived !

ATMOSPHERE has received its first Iridium NEXT terminal, an Iridium CertusSM 350 land terminal from THALES.

ATMOSPHERE is currently evaluating the actual performance of Iridium Certus service in static and mobile conditions. A first use case would be to use this terminal for a CNES Balloon mission.

ATMOSPHERE has also the objective to use Iridium Certus to leverage the capabilities of PLANET service. A survey of our 700 PLANET users shows they are willing to transmit more telemetry data, high resolution images or even video. Providing higher communication throughput, Iridium Certus can thus empower PLANET to offer such new capabilities


Size 35.6 cm dia. x 22.9 cm h

Weight 3.2 kg


Size 30.5 cm x 22.9 cm x 7.6 cm

Weight 3.4 kg

Iridium CertusSM detail is here