ATMOSPHERE supports NASA on NextGen!

We are happy to announce that ATMOSPHERE has been chosen to support the flight tests of the NASA’s Air Traffic Management Technology Demonstration-1 (ATD-1).

NASA's ATD-1 campaign

This experimentation, which has started on January, 20th 2017, is part of NASA’s contribution to the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) Programme.

The ATD-1 flight test campaign aims at demonstrating a new prototype aircraft spacing tool, a possible answer to the following issue:

How to optimise the arrival capacity at airports during the busiest times?

In coordination with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), NASA, along with flight campaign lead Boeing and team members Honeywell and United Airlines, are conducting a research effort to evaluate the performance of a prototype system for Flight Deck Interval Management (FIM). Some benefits of the FIM technology are already expected, including the smart optimisation of schedules – or intervals – and spacing between two aircraft arrivals.

PLANET customised for NASA's flight tests

In preparation of the ATD-1 flight tests, our PLANET system has been customised according to NASA specifications to deliver the ADS-B IN capability and display approaches. PLANET is being used to coordinate in real-time the operations between the involved stakeholders on ground and in the air.

The ATD-1 field demonstration involves 3 aircraft : Honeywell’s Falcon 900 jet and Boeing 757, and a Boeing 737 supplied by United Airlines. In total, 18 flights are planned in the area of Moses Lake over Washington State.


Learn more about the ATD-1 project and flight tests: NASA Article

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Disclaimer: No official NASA endorsement of ATMOSPHERE or its products is implied or intended by the above communication.