EMeRGe Asia: Megacities Pollution Survey follow-on

The EMeRGe campaign in Asia, which just finished early April, completes the second part of the HALO campaign. Last year, atmospheric measurement from European cities like London or Rome were conducted.

This mission aims at investigating experimentally the patterns of atmospheric transport and transformation of pollution from mega-cities.

HALO being equipped with PLANET system, the scientists were able to chat with each other and discuss the live telemetry from their instruments. Data from twelve different scientific payloads were sent through PLANET for live analysis. For this mission, a new feature was also tested: mapping between instrument plot and HALO's position!

More information about EMeRGe mission here: http://www.halo.dlr.de/science/missions/emerge/emerge.html

Flight mission on PLANET

HALO flight above Taipei (Taiwan) - credits DLR